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Barcelona surrenders to the art of Sara Baras

29 April, 2019

The Tívoli theatre is full of light

The Barcelona stage was very special for Sara Baras because she celebrated her birthday on April 25th while doing what she loves the most: dancing. The whole theatre gave her a standing ovation for her performance of Sombras and gave her a ‘Happy Birthday’ that filled her with emotion. Barcelona surrendered to Sara Baras and her vital show filled with energy.

The Tívoli theatre fills up, session after session, to live up to the intensity of each of the moments that Sombras holds, the show that commemorates 20 years of the company ‘Ballet flamenco Sara Baras’.

Photo: Santana de Yepes

Sombras runs between hustle, silence, loneliness, and strength. All the moments are transported to the audience and infect them with all the sensations that she treasures. So much so, the successes of Sombras lies precisely on the cooperation that occurs between the audience and the emotions that the show transmits.

Photo: Sofía Wittert

Sara Baras and her company will be performing Sombras at the Tívoli Theatre in Barcelona on May 19th. You simply cannot miss this!

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