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All the Voices in Málaga

31 March, 2017
Publico de Malaga

And The Voices walked along the red carpet


The city of Málaga hosted at the XX edition of the “Festival de cine en español” the premiere of the full-length documentary “Sara Baras. Todas las voces”. A first screening that was attended by this audiovisual production’s technical and artistic team; “Nadie es Perfecto PC”, “Suica Films” and “Saba Danza”.

The day was lived with the intensity and the rituality that comes with prestigious film festivals; presentation, press conferences, red carpet, many photos with fellow professionals and fans, words of the creators before the screening…

Sara Baras’ full ballet was there watching “Sara Baras. Todas las voces” and there were some emotional moments remembering the months during which the film crew followed them to the rehearsals and subsequent world tour.

At around 9.45 pm on the 21st of March, the historical Albéniz cinema opened its doors to see how this full-length documentary film, beautifully directed by Pepe Andreu and Rafa Molés, had its first contact with the audience.

“Sara Baras. Todas las voces”, as its creators describe it, is a documentary in which the spectator immerses himself in its art, its personality, its work, creative process and values. In the end we discover, beyond flamenco, that we should all choose in our daily life which voices to listen to and which to follow.

The numerous audience that attended the Albéniz in Málaga, approved with a long applause, recognizing this work that, after its premiere, starts is journey through many different festivals and that can be seen also on TV inside and outside of our country.

Some voices stop you from moving forward, but others make the world go on.

Photos: Santana de Yepes. Digital Team Sara Baras.