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Sombras at Festival Internacional de Guitarra Ciudad de Coria (Cáceres)

7 May, 2019
2 August, 2019 @ 22:00 Europe/Madrid Timezone
Plaza de la Catedral
Plaza de la Catedral 2
Coria (Cáceres)
[:es]Sombras en el Festival Internacional de Guitarra Ciudad de Coria[:en]Sombras at Festival Internacional de Guitarra Ciudad de Coria (Cáceres)[:] @ Plaza de la Catedral

SARA BARAS – at XXIII Festival Internacional de Guitarra Ciudad de Coria, Cáceres – SOMBRAS


  • Date: 2 August, 2019
  • Time: 22:00 H
  • Place: Plaza de la Catedral
  • Venue: Plaza de la Catedral, 2, Coria (Cáceres)
  • Price: 20€
  • Tickets: Oficina de turismo y Ayuntamiento
  • Danza- flamenco





Sara Baras takes the stage again relying on her dance, the unique spell of her inimitable feet, and the weight and strength given by knowing that there are no boundaries when the path you follow is of constant evolution. A new choreography, new magical scenery with Sara Baras’ signature. She continues clinging to classic flamenco while taking us a step further, that will as always transport us to a dimension governed by feelings.

Sara Baras offers to travel in time, through colors, silence and noise, multitude and solitude, light and shadows. Those shadows, that follow us or accompany us, won’t cease to surprise us. A trip in which Sara Baras’ constant evolution will guide us through her trajectory, showing us new spaces that will remind us of that scent of what is made with soul.

This new show is born from the great shadow of the “farruca”, that has accompanied Sara, growing with her, confusing projection with what is projected, taking the audience to new places in which it can identify itself, places to rest. The public wishes to be part of the ensemble, to dance with her in this meaningful adventure. It will wish to be the chord of the guitar, to follow the voices or flow with the dresses.

Scream towards light and the shadows will extinguish the sound, whisper towards the sun and the shadows will sing your prayer.






Direction and Choreography: Sara Baras

Music: Keko Baldomero

Visual artist: Andrés Mérida

Lighting: Óscar Gómez de los Reyes

Costumes: Luis F. Dos Santos



Musical Director: Keko Baldomero

Guitar: Keko Baldomero, Andrés Martinez

Voice: Rubio de Pruna, Israel Fernández

Percussion: Antonio Suárez, Manuel Muñoz “Pájaro”

Saxophone, Harmonica, Fluter; Diego Villegas



Dance company: María Jesús García Oviedo, Charo Pedraja, Cristina Aldón, Sonia Franco, Daniel Saltares, José Franco

“Repetidora”: María Jesús García Oviedo



Technical manages: Sergio Sarmiento

Stage manager: David Reyes

Lighting: Óscar Gómez de los Reyes

Sound: Sergio Sarmiento

Monitors: Andrés Prieto

Tailor: Adolfo Martínez

Digital Marketing: R Medios Marketing

Assistant director: Patricia Pereyra Baras

Road Manager: José Reyes Garrido

Press: Ricardo Ladrón de Guevara

General coordination and management: José Luis Pereyra Baras