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Mis Princesas Rett

11 May, 2017

Mis Princesas Rett. A Good cause.


“Mi Princesa Rett” association has been working for years to raise awareness about Rett Syndrom, a pathology that affects neurological development and is most suffered by young girls. Aproximately one in 10.000 girls suffer this disease, included among “Rare diseases”.


Sara Baras has been a godmother to this association for years and participates actively in making people aware of this cause, as well as raising funds for research. Sara Baras participates in actions and events for Mi Princesa Rett.


Compañia Sara Baras con las princesas Rett


Mi Princesa Rett association has some fantastic people involved, Fairies and Warriors. These people are celebrities and anonymous individuals that work together in different actions to make people more sensitive to this disease, and to help raise more funds to search for treatment that can offer these girls a solution. Fairies and Warriors also help the association to improve their wellbeing and quality of life.



Events, calendars, t-shirts, bracelets… all of these are ways in which we can collaborate with the association. That is why we encourage you from here to visit their website and follow their activity on social media; Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Ropa de ensayo mi princesa rett


If you visit their online shop you can also find a way to help. We also encourage you to do so, as does this association’s motto: “Every princess deserves a happy ending”.


sara baras y princesa rettSara Baras Digital Team

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  1. Cuantas cosas podría decirte, pero en esta entra todo madrina:
    Te debo la vida Sara, mi familia y yo te adoramos.

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