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Sara Baras, special guest at “Lolita tiene un plan” on TVE

5 September, 2017

Sara Baras, special guest at “Lolita tiene un plan” on TVE


She shared the evening with Niña Pastori and José Mercé


The TV show that Lolita Flores successfully presents on Spanish public TV dedicated an episode to flamenco. It was an episode full of anecdotes and memories that arose from the conversation between Sara Baras, the singer Niña pastori and José Mercé.


Lolita reunited her guests in a warm and familiar environment in which, around a table presided by Lola Flores’ portrait, the audience got to know them a bit better.

Cabecera programa Lolita tiene un plan


Niña Pastori, José Mercé and Sara Baras shared secrets about their childhood, their families and anecdotes about the beginning of their artistic careers. They also shared interesting thoughts about the importance of flamenco in their lives and in spanish culture, as well as its international impact.

Sara Baras Jose Merce Nina Pastori Lolita


The three artists from Cadiz remembered with emotion and passion the importance of great “maestros” such as Paco de Lucía, Camarón, Carmen Amaya…Dancer and choreographer Sara Baras has just finished her successful national tour with “Voces”. This show honoured the talent of flamenco “maestros”.

Grandes del flamenco en Lolita tiene un plan


Lolita surprised Sara Baras with the arrival of her husband,  also dancer José Serrano, that joined the conversation. So did Desiré Soto, Daughter of José Mercé, and the guitar player Keko Baldomero. There was time for emotion, but also for laughter, jokes, and of course dancing and singing.

Sara baras y Lolita en TVE


In the end, “ Lolita tiene un plan” on TVE was a meeting point for great friends and great artists. With Lolita flores as an extraordinary host that was able to show in a natural and kind way, the special bond between these artists, so loved and admired by the public.


  1. Aún sigo con la piel de gallina tras degustar el enorme carisma y arte que tenéis Niña y tú…

  2. Espectacular programa con los más grandes del flamenco! Que se repita!

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