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Sara Baras receives Award from the International Festival of Theater, Music and Dance of San Javier

30 August, 2018

Full house in the Parque Almansa Auditorium

The 49th International Festival of Theater, Music and Dance of San Javier wanted to show its admiration to Sara Baras by awarding her this year’s award in recognition of her entire career. The ceremony where she received yhe award, a sculpture by Juan José Quirós, took place at after the representation of Sombras, show that closed this emblematic festival edition.
On August 24 at the Parque Almansa Auditorium in the city of San Javier in the Region of Murcia, the emblematic International Festival of Theater, Music and Dance was closed with the Company of Sara Baras and its latest show Sombras.
Sara Baras received, once again, the affection and recognition of the public of San Javier that occupied the 1600 seats completing the capacity of the Auditorium.

After the representation of Sombras, with an audience that was fascinated by the art of Sara Baras and her company, the bailaora and choreographer received the Prize of the 49th edition from the representatives of the City Council and the Festival management.

The success of the night was published by the different media of the región, and both the press and the televisión broadcasts highlighted the artistic quality and charisma of Sara Baras.


After this special evening, the company of Sara Baras went to Alcalá de Henares to continue with the tour of Sombras en los Conciertos de la Muralla. This performance will be followed by the Calderón Theater in Valladolid, Athens, the Arriaga Theater in Bilbao, León, Ávila and the Forum La Rioja in Logroño.

All information about these performances, as well as the rest of the tour, are available on the website.