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Actualidad, Sombras

Sombras premiered in Pamplona

18 October, 2017

Sombras premiered in Pamplona 


Sara Baras presented her new show.

Baluarte’s Main Stage in Pamplona witnessed the premiere of the choreographer and dancer Sara Baras’ new show. 

Coinciding with the 20th anniversary of her dance company, “Sombras” is defined by its creator as a “gran farruca”. As guest artists we can name choreographer José Serrano, saxophone player Tim Ries and violinist Ara Malikian. 

“Sombras” also includes music by Keko Baldomero, drawings by Andrés Mérida, text by Santana de Yepes, lights by Oscar Gómez de los Reyes and costumes by Luis F do Santos. 


Sara Baras proposes with her last show a journey in time, through colors, silence and sound, crowd and solitude, light and shadows. 


“Sombras” is born out of the shadow of the “farruca”, that has accompanied Sara and grown with her. A new magical scenery that is unique, and has Sara’s signature all over it. She continues to cling to old school flamenco but taking us a step further into a new emotional dimension. 


Sara Baras takes the audience to new places where the can feel identified, where they can rest and wish to be part of the dance company. They wish to be a part of it to be able to feel, with every guitar chord, the “quejío” of the voices, to hang from the skirts of the costumes. 


Pamplona was the starting point for this show’s national and international tour, that will surely have the same acceptance it had at the premiere. 


The audience at Zaragoza, Málaga and Valencia will be the next to enjoy Sara and her dancers’ new show.