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“Voces” from a different point of view

21 June, 2017

Sara Baras in  Nuevo Apolo Theater

Through this new post on our blog we would like to invite you to discover Sara Baras’ show “Voces” at the Nuevo Apolo Theater, from another point of view.

The beautiful pictures taken by J. A Ramos ( Santana de Yepes) of the “Voces” show are full of emotion, poetry, admiration and talent.

Due to his sensitive vision we are able to see Sara Baras’ display of artistry on the Nuevo Apolo Theater’s stage, in that extraordinary tribute to the “maestros” of flamenco called “Voces”.

From the most intimate corners of the stage, the curtains, or in between boxes, Santana de Yepes and his camera bring us closer to the strength and elegance of “Voces”, capturing moments and essences.

There are only a few days left for who wishes to witness “Voces” at the Nuevo Apolo Theater’s stage in Madrid. The season will end next Sunday 2nd of July, after months of total success in Spain’s capital city, and after having conquered the most important stages in the world.

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  1. Espectacular como siempre,gran artista y gran equipo…un saludo Amalia

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