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Sara Baras leaves her mark at the Teatre Tívoli in Barcelona

23 May, 2019

Sombras captivates the public every day

There have been 19 days in total with Sombras of Sara Baras in the Teatre Tívoli in Barcelona. The audience has given itself completely to the emotions and sensations of a show that gathers a tremendous variety of sentiments, all which are perfectly identifiable by the spectator.

The unique feet of Sara Baras has moved with lightness and passion in such a way, that in each of the performances has managed to transmit the public and take them to their land, to end of gaining a final ovation of recognition.

A completely sold out show day to day has turned the show Sombras of Sara Baras into a must-see for the lovers of flamenco in its purest form.

Sara Baras during the final applause in the Teatre Tívoli in Barcelona
Sara Baras junto a su compañía, en un momento de ‘Sombras’, en el Teatre Tívoli de Barcelona. Sara Baras with her company, in a moment of ‘Sombras,’ in the Teatre Tívoli in Barcelona.

Precisely her fans have reflected on Sara Baras’ social media with positive comments, her gratitude and warmth towards dancing and her company, who has given all performance after performance on the stage. The love and recognition have come to her directly, which has made the connection between Sara Baras and her audience

Highly commented and praised were the videos that Sara Baras posted on her Instagram profile, giving thanks to the public that have attended these days at the Teatre Tívoli in Barcelona. In them, you can see fans completely delivered and grateful, after delivering the experience of dancing with Sombras.

Sara Baras appreciating the ovation from her Instagram profile

Sara Baras starts the summer season with Sombras

Sara Baras and her company leave Barcelona and now face the summer season of Sombras on national and international stages. You can check here to see all the dates and purchase tickets by clicking here.

Lodz (Poland), London, the International Music Festival of Cambrils (Tarragona) or the Paco de Lucía International Guitar Festival in Algeciras (Cádiz) are some of the stages that Sara Baras with Sombras will tread on, for sure, to keep achieving success.

We will keep you informed 🙂

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