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Sara Baras triumphs in the Grand Théâtre de Genève

6 March, 2019

New York, Miami, and Abu Dhabi are the next sites

The intense international calendar of Sara Baras in this month of March had a stellar start. Triumphing in the majestic Grand Théâtre de Genève in Switzerland that inaugurated its recent remodeling with four representations of Sombras. The response of the public and the chronicles of the specialized critics continue to consolidate this show and Sara Baras as one of the greatest exponents of flamenco and the spreading of the Spanish culture. At the moment, the company is in New York to inaugurate the 16th edition of the Flamenco Festival.

The Grand Théâtre de Genève is one of the most important cultural institutions in Switzerland as it is the largest theatrical venue and the largest production where they produce the most important representations of opera, dance, recitals and concerts.

Théâtre de Genève





It’s exciting to see that the art of Sara Baras along with the entire cast that integrates the company that has no borders and receive the enthusiastic applause from the spectators where it is shown on stage as well as it receives praise from critics. “Sara Baras, tigresse du flamenco à Genève” was the headline of the eloquent chronicle of Alexander Dominoff in Le Temps

Flamenco, dance and culture fans in Geneva also celebrated on social media having enjoyed such a beautiful show within the framework of a theater of reference such as the Grand Théâtre de Genève.

Foto : Olav Koerner

Many stages and a dedicated audience await Sara Baras and her company of Ballet Flamenco in the coming weeks, in which they will take Sombras to New York, Miami, Abu Dhabi, Valencia and Barcelona.

Sara Baras has been chosen to open the special program of the 75th anniversary of the New York City Center on March 7, where they will be able to enjoy her show until Sunday the 10. These performances are part of the emblematic Flamenco Festival which has dedicated this edition to the role of women in artistic creation.

sara baras en nueva york

In the next few days, we will provide detail on our blog relating to everything about the presence of Sara Baras in the Flamenco Festival in the USA, as well as the rest of the dates for the next scheduled performances.

Sara Baras Digital Team